Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Sarah Venning Holden

This multi-faceted portrait is part of the Stevens-Cogdell and Sanders-Venning families collection. Library Company of Philadelphia.

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Cousin Itt

Cousin Itt at the workshop "Multiply" in Riga 2013.
The workshop was led by Kaspars Goba and Andrejs Strokins.
More images from this workshop HERE.

Kay Boyle

Reproduction of a postcard in: Sandra Whipple Spanier, Kay Boyle, Artist and Activist, Southern Illinois University Press, 1986, Fig. 3: "Kay Boyle, souvenir photo taken in Atlantic City, circa 1906, Collection of Kay Boyle"
Thanks to James W. McManus for the hint.

Self-Reflections while in Mourning

Fulton Photo Novelty Shop, 94 Flatbush Ave., Brooklyn, N.Y.
Collection Heinz-Werner Lawo

Monday, August 17, 2015

Otto Croy - Ein Frosch tanzt Reigen

Otto Croy, Ein Frosch tanzt Reigen, 1937.
S/W-Abbildung in: Otto Croy, Trickfotos für Jedermann,
Verlag Wilhelm Knapp, Halle a. S., 1937, S. 29.

Monday, August 10, 2015

Circle Dance - Ringelreih

Florencio Bixio y Cia., Buenos Aires
Postcard with stamp box: ARTURA
Blind stamp: F. Bixio y Cia, B. Irigoyen
Collection Heinz-Werner Lawo

Monday, February 16, 2015

Frederic and Francis Almy (twins) by O. A. Taft

Otis A. Taft, 272 Main Streeet, Buffalo, NY.
"Multiple view portrait of an unidentified man", 4.25 x 6.5 inches, 1896. Courtesy of Schlesinger Library.

A second print of the same image on a different cabinet card from the Taft studio was sold at Ebay in December 2014. This cabinet photo has an inscription on the back saying that the sitters are the twins Frederic and Francis Almy. The photograph is dated: “December, 1897”.

The image is in fact a montage of two different photo-multigraphs of the two brothers into one print. There is an article on the photographer Otis A. Taft in: The Industries of Buffalo, Elstner Publishing Company, Buffalo 1887, p. 101:

O. A. TAFT, Artist Photographer – No. 272 Main St., near Swan.
   Mr.Taft is a rarely accomplished and successful photographer, who for twenty-eight years has devoted his native talent and energy to the uninterrupted study and pursuit of his profession in all of its higher branches, the result being the achievement of a reputation second to that of no artist legitimately engaged in photography west of New York City. Mr. Taft was born in Vermont, and has had practical experience in his vocation in three States, thus acquiring a knowledge of men and women and their tastes which enables him to give a degree of satisfaction in pose, style and general effect seldom attained by photographers as a class.
   Mr. Taft has resided and labored at his profession in Buffalo since 1881. In 1882 he first occupied his present location, where he has the third and fourth floors and employs a capable force of assistants, his parlors and operating rooms being models of neatness and convenience. He has a large and steadily increasing circle of desirable patrons in the city and surrounding country, and may be fairly classed as a successful business man as well as artist. His specialties embrace all the higher grades of portrait photography, bromide enlargements, crayon portraits, and the most perfect and beautiful work in all branches. A visit to his gallery and studio will well repay lovers of art and admirers of the beautiful, whether they desire to sit for their own counterfeit presentments or merely to profitably and pleasantly while away an hour or two of leisure time.
   The view of Main street from the windows is enlivening, and persons out shopping find this a delightful lounge, where they can rest as they examine the works of art. Teachers and others find it a pleasant way of passing an hour or two of their leisure time.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Family in the Cold Funland Montreal

Funland Multigraph, 316 St. Lawrence BLVD., Montreal
Three identical Real Photo Post Cards from a family shooting.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Multi-Photo Norman, Paris

Multi-Photo Norman, 30 Place de la Madeleine (derrière l'éclise), Paris
"5 images sur une seule plaque, tout les formats, tout les prix"
Postcard (carte postale), 9,0 x 12,6 cm
Rotogravure: L'Héliogravure Rotative, 6 bis, rue de Viroflay, Paris

Monday, March 31, 2014

José Ara Romeu, Valencia, Spain

J. Ara (José Ara Romeu), Pi y Margall 36, Valencia, Spain
Unidentified woman (No. 201), 1932
8,8 x 13,8 cm, with blind stamp
Collection Heinz-Werner Lawo
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