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"Who Will be Chairman of the U. S. P. Committe of Revision? - This was the question some months ago, but at the Washington Convention, May 10, 1910, the only chairman to be seen was Joseph Price Remington. Some saw one side of him and some another, but all recognized him as the man to succeed himself as chairman."
Meyer Brothers Druggist, Vol. 31, 1910, p.197

 "In the Group of Prominent Pharmacists seated around the table in the above picture, we have, reading from left to right: 1. Chairman Board of Trustees, U. S. P. C.  2. Chairman, Council, A. Ph. A.  3. Professor, Pittsburg College of Pharmacy.  4. Editor, Midland Druggist.  5. Ex-president Ohio Ph. A.  They can all be reached by addressing Dr. James Hartley Beal, Scio, O."
Meyer Brothers Druggist, Vol. 31, 1910, p.242

"WHO 'THEY' ARE: Dr. Harvey Washington Wiley, president of the United States Pharmacopoeial Convention (1); president American Therapeutic Society (2); president Cosmos Club, Washington, D.C. (3); vice-president Society of Chemical Industry of England (4); and chairman Board of Food and Drug Inspection, Department of Agriculture, U.S. Goverment (5)."
Meyer Brothers Druggist, Vol. 31, 1910, p.277

"He Watches the Money Bags From all Sides: Samuel L. Hilton, treasurer of the United States Pharmacopoeial Convention, is also secretary of the District of Columbia Board of Pharmacy, a member of the Board of Examiners of the National College of Pharmacy, president of the local branch of the A. Ph. A. and proprietor of a prosperous retail pharmacy. He, however, manages to watch from all sides the various interests entrusted to him."
Meyer Brothers Druggist, Vol. 31, 1910, p.340
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