Sunday, July 21, 2013

Superior Cloth Headwear - The Argyle

Advertisement for hats and caps by: I. H. Dinner, Manufacturer of Superior Cloth Headwear, 117 Summer Street, Boston,
in: The Hatter, Vol. 24, No. 5, Dec. 1894, Holiday Number, p. 83,
and Vol. 24, No.6, Jan. 1895, p. 101 
The Photo-Multigraph was probably made by F. F. Dunshee & A. E. Hill. Their Studio at 22 Winter Street in Boston was nearby.
Winter Street is the extension of the Summer Street.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Dr. Trenkler & Co. Leipzig

Photolithography (63 x 109 mm) on a used and undivided postcard
mailed in France on January 29, 1903
Publisher: Dr. Trenkler Co., Lipsia. "Studi Artistici Serie B No. 4"
Collection Heinz-Werner Lawo

The Aunts Camille

Francesco Benvenuti (1863-1919), Place S. Marco N. 6, Florence, Italy
Portraits of Camille (detail), ca. 1895 
Raccolte Museali Fratelli Alinari (RMFA)-collezione Palazzoli, Firenze
Alinari Archives, Code PDC-F-000273-0000
Bottom right a dedication signed "Le zie Camille" (The Aunts Camille)
Etablissement Artistique Photographique / Anglais Italien /
de F. BENVENUTI / Place S. Marco N. 6, rez-de-chaussée / Florence / Portraits, Vues, Intérieurs et Agrandissements / Photographies au charbon, au Platine et sur soie / Spécialité de photographies sur Porcelaine, Coloriées etc. / on parle anglais
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